SWG 920 Mobile Glazed Partitioning

SWG 920 Mobile Glazed Partitioning


This mobile glazed partitioning system consists exclusively of glass panels – completely devoid of vertical metal or timber framing. It is an extremely handsome and elegant solution, where the emphasis is on visual contact from room to room.


SWG920 is supplied as 10 mm or 12 mm toughened glass. The individual elements are mounted upon multifunctional wheels. This permits the whole glass wall – or part of it – to be moved off and parked away from its working position on a discreet sidetrack. Individual elements can also be locked, which also makes the SWG920 suitable as an indoor shop facade.


SWG920 can be supplied with single or double doors in the elements, and glass with either foil, a printed motif or sandblasted finish for a degree of privacy. The glass can even have a photograph or similar motif printed on foil in the glass.


SWG920 offers no real acoustic insulation. It is primarily a physical partition. All glass is toughened and, where applicable, laminated to meet current safety standards.


SWG920 is supplied with two wheeled units in each element. Each element can be locked. The standard finish of the horizontal profiles is natural aluminium but they can also be supplied coated in RAL colours or stainless anodised, as required. SWG920 can be given an extra seal with brush closures at the top and bottom and magnetic strips between elements.

Colour Card


Lacquered in one RAL Colour

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Technical Drawings


920 - 101


Skentyp K







920 - 102

920 Std. Element –Översikt

920 Mobilt dörrelement –Översikt

920 Utrymmeskrav






920 - 401

Uppställda element








920 - 201

Lodrätt snitt








920 - 301

Elementskarv –standard

Elementskarv –alukant

Elementskarv –magnettätning

Anslag -magnettätning





920 - 302

Hörnskarv -90˚

Hörnskarv –0-65˚

Anslag –borsttätning






920 - 501

Inklädnadsexempel –bärande nedbyggnad

Fast upphängning –pulverlakerad alu. takskena

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